Labour relations

Anticipate or manage difficult labour situations or union problems

Labour relations within the company are becoming difficult, there’s tension in the workplace, there’s a latent risk of conflict, negotiations with the unions are getting nowhere, there’s talk of strike action, things are getting serious.

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Increase individual performance

Reconcile Performance with Wellbeing at Work to facilitate the development of every employee’s full potential

Every company needs to develop team performance, improve sales results, speed up cycles and improve productivity...

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Staff cohesion

Build a coherent system for the development of individual abilities, and team cohesion that complies with your corporate values and strategy

Suppose that you are installing an ERP system that requires you to reorganise all your processes and working methods

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Supporting whoever it affects

Anticipating and leading strategic change and understanding the consequences for the workforce

Companies need to show considerable flexibility to adapt to changes in their environment and...

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Developing sales performance

Develop your company’s sales through intra-company training and direct assistance to your sales force

Sales performance is a key issue for your company’s long-term viability. CFV specialises in giving salespeople the behavioural techniques ...

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Intra-company training, customized training, living and pragmatic

Intra-company training, customized training, and practical living.


Executive coaching, coaching for managers, teams and organization.

Executive coaching, coaching for managers, teams and organization.


Human Resources Consultancy (HR) strategy and SMEs.

bonhomme-cfvIntra-company training

icoSocially responsible management,
icoTeam building,
icoBusiness development

                                ... are the pillars of a company’s overall performance


CFV FORMATION can offer you
a tailor-made solution designed to help you develop your besiness...

Whether you are a major company or an SME, and whether it’s a normal part of your growth or because you are confronted with labour crises or tensions, you may wish to

  • foster lasting working relationships among staff,
  • develop the cohesion and consistency of your social model,
  • boost your management’s efficiency and energise your marketing team.